Valentine’s Gifts for our Families and Friends *with amazing Raw Chocolates recipe*

Last night I made little, red gift bags out of construction paper and weighed out all the ingredients we would need for making the most delicious raw, organic chocolates I have ever tasted.

After exchanging the Valentine’s cards and bookmarks that the children made for one another over the weekend, (I am so grateful to be […]

Quick Tip: baking with kids can become so much more

How can we take one activity and turn it into many?


Today the children at Bonnington Blossoms made their own organic, sourdough raisin buns.  Kneading the dough and making designs with the raisins kept them busy for quite some time. They all felt proud of their work when they were finished. Making our own food is a […]

Indoor Winter Activities

It has been a very creative winter here at Bonnington Blossoms. Having plenty of indoor play time has allowed for fun craft activities, yoga, sourdough baking, dress up, fort building, puppet shows and much more.

In December the children and I made a dough out of apple sauce, cinnamon and glue. Of course not for eating! But it […]

Banjo, Birdies and Music for All!

The last few weeks were extra fun for me because my very dear friend Sara came to visit our family. Sara brought her banjo and shared with us her gifts of music and good times. She also brought her guitar and fiddle. The children couldn’t wait to have dance parties whenever she pulled out an instrument and […]

Halloween Fun

I wanted to celebrate Bonnington Blossoms becoming licensed and all the wonderful children who join us here each week. I decided to have a Halloween party, and invited my favourite face painter, Annie Delorme of Annie’s Fabulous Face and Body Painting. She created many incredible faces as usual, and here are a few!


A few weeks ago, […]

Play, Play in Every Way

I am so grateful to have such wonderful children gracing me with their presence each week. I want to post a little bit of what we have been up to here at Bonnington Blossoms.

I encourage the children to interact with their environment in a playful and free way. I try to bring imaginative ideas and beauty […]

Water and Sand in the Warm Sunshine

This week we were graced with beautiful, warm and sunny weather. It was a perfect time to set up the water wall that I built this summer. All of the children enjoyed filling their buckets in fun and unique ways.

Water play fosters development of the whole child. It includes many opportunities to experiment with math and science. It also enhances social skills, […]

Open At Last! Crisps and Colour-Mixing

September is here and Bonnington Blossoms is officially open!

We have been having such a good time meeting and making friends with the wonderful families who have joined our children’s centre. Here are some of the things we have been up to this week:

Our apple tree is so bountiful this year and we have been picking apples every […]

Summer Sourdough

What we feed to children is very important, and learning to create and connect with their food is an empowering skill that we can teach them during their early years. A few years ago I wrote a children’s story called Suzie’s Sourdough Circus. I wrote it with the hopes of helping more families connect with […]

Almost Ready….

Last week was the initial child care licensing inspection for Bonnington Blossoms. We are so lucky to have such a positive and helpful licensing officer. Now that we have our final to do list, each day has been full of projects for the children’s centre. I love working on these projects. I find myself feeling […]