Kathy Sager, Early Childhood Educator

Kathy has been caring for young children since 2007 and became a certified Early Childhood Educator in 2009 through the Early Childhood Care and Education program at North Island College in Courtenay, BC.

In addition to her ECE and Yoga Teacher certifications, she currently holds certificates in Emergency Child Care First Aid and CPR/AED as well as FOODSAFE Level One. She is also a mother of two young children.

Kathy engages with children in a gentle and respectful manner, creating a safe space where they can play, discover, and make long-lasting friendships. Music is a life long passion for Kathy and she loves sharing the gift of music with the children in her care. She enjoys facilitating group music programs for children, and has worked as a licensed Kindermusik teacher.

A published Author of Suzie’s Sourdough Circus – children’s baking story and recipe book – Kathy enjoys making nourishing food with children, and believes that connecting with our food is empowering and beneficial. She strongly values nature integration and exploration for people of all ages, which is why it is such an important part of her childcare program. As a gardening and wild plant enthusiast, she has an array of knowledge to pass on to the little ones in her care. Kathy also has experience guiding an outdoor forest preschool for children age 3-5.

Kyle Hollings, Early Childhood Educator Assistant

Kyle has been part of Bonnington Blossoms since the beginning. Along with his partner Kathy and their two young daughters, he has created a welcoming environment for families in the community.

Growing up on Vancouver Island, in the heart of the Comox Valley, he spent most of his youth exploring and playing in the forests, beaches, rivers and mountains of the area. Hiking, swimming and camping for much of his life, he is truly a lover of nature

Kyle has had many occupations throughout his life, ranging from child care provider to sushi chef, wild mushroom harvester, carpenter, insulation installer and painter. He currently holds a First Aid Certificate. You could say he is a jack of all trades. Kyle is also a dedicated musician.

The children love to watch and help Kyle build and fix things around the child care centre. They also enjoy dancing to his music and playing along with him.

Emily Deschuymer,

Early Childhood Educator Assistant

Emily has been working with children since 2001. Starting out with school aged children in elementary and high school as an Educational Assistant, she then moved on to working as a Community Youth Worker in north Edmonton after completing her Social Work Diploma. Her experience has also led her to work in after school programs, as well as a group child care facility. She was led to working with younger children after the birth of her two children, Rowan and Cassidy. Although they are both teenagers now, it was being a mother of young children that got her excited about early childhood development and positive guidance. She enjoys interacting with children and watching them explore their environments. It is fascinating to her just how different each child is and how they each learn and interact in their own special way.

Emily grew up in a small town outside of Jasper, Alberta called Brule. In a town of 300, her neighbours were always keeping an eye on all the children. She grew up plying in the outdoors all the time. Hiking, biking, building forts, swimming, catching bugs and playing with the other children was her entertainment. This developed a passion for the outdoors and a respect for nature and our place in it. Her other passion is gardening. Her earliest childhood memories include learning how to grow things with her mother. More proof that those early childhood activities can set the tone for lifelong passions and lifestyles. She also plays guitar and sings. It is through music that she came to know Kathy and Kyle from Bonnington Blossoms. Music is a great creative outlet that is a universal language for all ages.

Marnie Davidson, Responsible Adult

Marnie was born and raised in Toronto, ON. In 1995 she moved to Kelowna, BC. Since then she has had two daughters and now resides in Nelson, BC. Marnie obtained her Responsible Adult Certification in The fall of 2017, right around the time she started working at Bonnington Blossoms.

Outside of work, she finds happiness in hiking, baking and cooking wholesome meals. She is also passionate about photography, and had a business photographing pregnant women when she lived in Kelowna.

Marnie enjoys the environment at Bonnington Blossoms, as it aligns with her philosophies of attachment, and positive, gentle approaches to guiding young children. She believes that these approaches have helped her own daughters grow into confident, self-assured and happy beings.