The last few weeks were extra fun for me because my very dear friend Sara came to visit our family. Sara brought her banjo and shared with us her gifts of music and good times. She also brought her guitar and fiddle. The children couldn’t wait to have dance parties whenever she pulled out an instrument and started to play for us.


Her visit inspired us to bring our ukuleles down to the children’s centre, and everyone has been enjoying having them around. In the picture below you can see Sara is teaching one of the older children at the centre how to play a C chord on the yellow ukulele, while one of the younger children is exploring the strings, sounds and vibrations of the orange ukulele.


Music is part of our everyday at Bonnington Blossoms. There are always instruments available for children to explore throughout each day. We sing songs and play the instruments as a group regularly. I will be teaching Kindermusik classes out of the children’s centre on weekends, starting in January, and I am so excited!


We noticed that the bears had stopped visiting our yard each night, and I decided it was time to put our bird feeders out for the winter. We learned the hard way a couple of years ago not to put bird feeders out when the bears are around, as they will destroy the feeders to get the seeds from inside. Sara hung the bird feeders in a place where they can be seen from the windows of the children’s centre.IMG_20161117_103713

We were worried the birds may not find the feeders, as they did not come for over a week after we hung them. Then a couple of days go, we were blessed by the birdies and their beautiful flight. They come continuously throughout the day now to feed, and the children delight in watching them flutter to and from the bird feeders and the trees in our yard. They can be seen from both inside the centre and outside. We now spend our snack times gazing out the window, watching the birds eat their snack.


The first day the birds came, we stayed outside extra long sitting on the deck in the sunshine and watching the birds fly over our heads. It’s so special to see their beautiful colours as the landscape becomes more grey. Winter is approaching and I look forward to watching the birds fly through a snowy background in the months to come.


This beautiful bird feeder was made by local potter of Sweet Mud Pottery in Nelson, BC.