It has been an exciting spring and early summer at Bonnington Blossoms. In May we received some tiny, and very hungry, caterpillars in the mail. They grew quite quickly.


Some of the children found the caterpillars to be inspirational when making art.


We watched the caterpillars turn into butterflies inside our child care centre.


Then we set them free in our yard with children and parents.


The children examined the empty cocoons and delighted in watching the butterflies flutter away, free at last.


A few weeks later we released ladybugs in our Bonnington Blossoms garden, to help keep the plants safe from harmful insects like aphids.


Everyone watched closely as the ladybugs settled into their new home in our garden.


Some of the children enjoyed having the ladybugs crawl on their hands and arms.

Apparently some of the ladybugs have flown over to our neighbour’s garden to help them with pest control too.


This spring we built a chicken coop at Bonnington Blossoms. The children are very excited about the chickens. We recently got two new baby chicks. The children are very gentle when they hold them and love to watch the baby chicks play together.


It has been so much fun to watch the children interact with and learn from all of the tiny creatures at our child care centre.