Last Halloween Bonnington Blossoms had our first party. We dressed up in costumes, painted our faces and were given a gift from the fairies. The fairies gave all the children garlic to plant in the garden.

Below is a photo of us planting garlic on Halloween. To see more photos and read about our Halloween fun, check out our Halloween Blog Post.


I love how the food in our garden can help us mark the time that we have been here. I remember seeing the garlic sprout early this spring and I have watched it grow all season. This past week was harvest time and the children all enjoyed being part of it.


After we harvested all the garlic, the children helped me count out bunches of 5 and I hung the garlic to cure over the entry way to the child care centre.


The children have also been harvesting raspberries, and thimble berries.


As well as the peas that they planted around our teepee this spring. It has been fun to snack during our outside time, and to see the children get so excited about harvesting their own fresh, nourishing food.


The children have also been harvesting wild flowers for making art. We pressed the flowers, leaves and stems and let them sit for a week or two. The flowers have since been glued on crowns and other pieces of art work.

Pressing flowers and leaves is very easy for children to do and the results are so beautiful. I highly recommend this activity, as it encourages children to get outside and connect with nature.


We have been making tons of art outside this summer. Our biggest project started out as a giant box.

The box told us what it wanted to be.


The children were excited about this box from the moment they first saw it and went inside.


They spent a great deal of time and effort painting it.


They made sure it was in tip top shape.


Before blasting off into outer space.


Yes, I believe that is the blast off button she is pushing.


They have been going on amazing adventures all summer long.

If there is one thing children can teach us, it’s how to think outside the box!