I wanted to celebrate Bonnington Blossoms becoming licensed and all the wonderful children who join us here each week. I decided to have a Halloween party, and invited my favourite face painter, Annie Delorme of Annie’s Fabulous Face and Body Painting. She created many incredible faces as usual, and here are a few!DSC_0455



A few weeks ago, the children and I realized that there are fairies living in the redwood tree in our outdoor play space. I found a very special door from Fairy Doors by Kathy, and my husband Kyle built a small little entryway for the fairies, which he attached to the redwood tree.


On Halloween, the children decorated the fairy house with crystals, mountain sage, and garlands made by Alison (one of the moms from our centre). The fairies were so grateful that they left us a magical gift of garlic inside their entryway. The children promptly planted the garlic in our garden. I am very excited for them to see the magical garlic scapes unfurl in the the spring time.


I told the children a story of a sneaky little mouse who snatched 5 little acorns that were sitting on a tree and then we sang songs and recited poems about autumn.


There were wonderful snacks too – banana raisin ghosts, mandarin orange jack-o-lanterns, and mini muffins made by Danielle (one of the moms from our centre), just to name a few!


I look forward to more celebrations with our growing community at Bonnington Blossoms!