It has been a very creative winter here at Bonnington Blossoms. Having plenty of indoor play time has allowed for fun craft activities, yoga, sourdough baking, dress up, fort building, puppet shows and much more.

In December the children and I made a dough out of apple sauce, cinnamon and glue. Of course not for eating! But it sure did smell nice after we baked it. The cut out shapes are great to be used as ornaments, or little keepsakes for children. It was fun watching the children’s creative process while they each made their own stars.

Mixing up the dough


Rolling out the dough


Cutting out their stars


Pouring on glue for glitter


Painting with glitter glue



Everyone was so pleased with their creations.


When it seems like we all can use a good stretch, I invite the children to play a yoga game with me. We pretend to be bears, walking around to find a cave for the winter.

We stretch our bodies as we walk on our hands and feet, with legs straight. Sort of like a walking downward dog pose. Then we stand up tall and pretend to be a mountain, or a tree blowing in the wind. Once we find a cave, we crawl inside and rest. First we rest in child’s pose, and eventually, after one last biiiig stretch, we lay on our backs for a long winter sleep. I am pleased to see that even some of the one-year olds get into this yoga game. Everyone loves to do the movements along with me. I managed to snap a photo of a cute little bear in action!



Keeping everyone engaged and happy throughout the cold winter days has been a fun challenge for me. We play lots of music and games. The magnetic building tiles (magna-tiles) have been in constant use lately as well.

Painting on the buddha board is always popular. For those of you who do not know, a buddha board is a board that you paint on with water. When it gets wet, it turns darker. As it dries, the painting disappears. It is somewhat magical and everyone loves having a turn with it. One child always says “Look at my masterpiece!” after finishing their painting.



Some of the older children have made magic snowflake wands.


They have even used their magical powers to make it snow on the play mat.


One family gifted us an awesome fort building kit. We promptly made a house and covered it with a rainbow play silk. I am so grateful for the supportive and fun-loving families who have become part of the Bonnington Blossoms community.


Earlier this winter, I did a workshop through the Nelson Child Care Resource and Referral centre, where I learned to make a felted story apron. It is a great prop for putting on puppet shows.


Making organic, sourdough buns with the children is an easy activity with a nourishing and yummy result. Pictured below are some sourdough buns in the making. I am hoping to start hosting some sourdough baking workshops, so that more parents and educators can learn the benefits and art of baking with sourdough.


We have been experimenting with wet on wet watercolour painting. First, I soak the water colour paper in water. When it is saturated, the children paint on it with water colours. It is so interesting to see the different effects that the wet on wet painting creates. IMG_20170131_105501626

Our dress up trunk has been having lots of visitors lately …


and who doesn’t enjoy colouring with vibrant, beeswax crayons?


One of the things I love most about being at a multi-age child care centre, is seeing the older children care for the younger ones. Building healthy relationships with people of all ages is so important for well rounded development. Pictured below is a 4 year-old reading a story to a one-year old.


It feels like a happy little family at Bonnington Blossoms.