September is here and Bonnington Blossoms is officially open!

We have been having such a good time meeting and making friends with the wonderful families who have joined our children’s centre. Here are some of the things we have been up to this week:

Our apple tree is so bountiful this year and we have been picking apples every day. They are great for snacking on in the yard and also for baking with.


Yesterday morning we made a delicious apple crisp for morning snack. We ground spelt grain into flour with our handy mill, then mixed in oats and butter for the topping. We also added delicious spices like cinnamon and ginger. These spices help bring warmth into our bodies, which is helpful now that the chill of autumn has arrived. Our apple crisp was sweetened with ground stevia leaves and a bit of honey. We enjoyed the warm crisp with non-homogenized yogurt from grass fed cows. All of the baking supplies and food served at Bonnington Blossoms is organic.



Today, we mixed up some play dough from scratch. I have these great “botanical paint powders, made from fruits, veggies and herbs” that I like to use for the colour when we make play dough. The girls really wanted purple, and although I didn’t have that colour I was grateful for the opportunity to introduce colour-mixing to the group. We used red and blue paint powders to make purple. It was a very successful, hands on colour-mixing experience. Colours are so magical!


The children were delighted with how the colour turned out and I’m sure this purple dough will enjoy many more hours of play here at Bonnington Blossoms.