The weather has been so warm and sunny the past few weeks. We have been taking full advantage of our large, beautiful outdoor play space at Bonnington Blossoms.

A friend and local artist, Hannah De Boer-Smith, built a teepee for the children with garden netting around it. The children planted pea, bean, nasturtium and squash seeds below the netting.

Even the 1 year olds planted seeds. Everyone enjoyed this activity so much.

The photo below is of the 3, 4 and 5 year olds working together to fill the heavy watering can and water the newly planted seeds. Such great team work!

In a few weeks, all of the plants will grow up the teepee and create green, edible walls. The walls will give shade to the children inside the teepee during the hot summer months. Already the seeds have begun to sprout and I am really looking forward to snacking on what will grow here and observing the children as they play in the teepee!

If anyone living in the Nelson area is interested in hiring Hannah to build them a garden teepee, you can reach her by email at:

Last week we brought all the dolls outside so the children could take them camping. I also brought out the beeswax crayons and card stock for some flower art. I believe that being outside is very healthy and important for people of all ages. We will be outside as much as possible during these warmer months.

The other day the children found a snail. Everyone was so gentle and loving as they carefully passed our new friend around on a leaf. The snail kept the children interested for about 45 minutes. It was so neat to watch it move and to see it poke its eyes out as it grew more comfortable being around us.

After observing the snail, the children put it back where it had been found. At Bonnington Blossoms, all children are encouraged to respect the creatures around us and treat them with kindness. We are seeing more and more critters around, now that the weather has warmed up.

To nurture the children’ natural curiosity about the creatures and animals around us, our wonderful practicum student Tanya brought in a book about the animals of Canada. She also brought her friend, a puppet named Wilma the Wombat, to read the book to the children. I was impressed by how focused everyone was. The children sat around Tanya for over half an hour, listening to Wilma tell them all about the different animals in Canada.

For mother’s day, the children worked together to create gifts for the special women in their lives. First, everyone decorated a candle holder with stickers of their choice. The older children helped the younger ones and it was very heart warming to see them working together so well.

Next we mixed Epsom Salts and baking soda with essential oils and food colouring to create rainbow bath salts. Children got to choose the scent and colour they wanted for their container of salt. It was fun to mix up the bath salts with the food colouring and see them transform into a rainbow of colours.

Lastly, each child used a funnel and poured the different coloured salts into a small mason jar.

Everyone made a different pattern and they all turned out beautifully. The perfect recipe for a bath by candle light.

I do hope all the moms enjoyed their gifts. We sure enjoyed making them!