I am so grateful to have such wonderful children gracing me with their presence each week. I want to post a little bit of what we have been up to here at Bonnington Blossoms.

I encourage the children to interact with their environment in a playful and free way. I try to bring imaginative ideas and beauty into our days here. Whether we are inside or outside – rain or shine!

I love natural material and most of the indoor toys I have chosen and created are made of wood, wool and cotton. The story mat in the photo below is one that I wet felted about 5 years ago. It is a waterfall/river forest scene with pockets for dolls and animals to live in (and a cave behind the waterfall). I needle felted little forest creatures to go along with it.


This story mat is fun for children of all ages. It is vibrant and intriguing. The toddlers enjoy touching the soft wool, identifying the animals and moving them around to different places. The pre school age children find inspiration for their imaginative play and can easily play with the wool mat on their own, or cooperatively with one another.

We have a couple cozy nooks in our children’s centre, where the dolls currently live. Pictured below are some dolls having a bed time story read to them. A peaceful play space for a little down time.


I have been letting some of the older children try out my marionette puppets, when they feel inspired from the puppet shows that I have been putting on for them. Working with this type of puppet helps to develop fine motor skills.


Once outside, the possibilities are endless. We are so lucky to have a very large yard for the children to play in. We played a bit of soccer on one of the last sunny and warm days of September. We have been enjoying the T-ball set from my sister too! Playing sports helps children develop their larger muscles and gross motor skills.IMG_20160921_113202

The garden, (pictured above) has been a huge work in progress this year. I am very excited to be planting garlic in it later this month with the children.

I picked a few giant mullen plants from my green house and the children are still coming up with ways to use them as props in their imaginative, outdoor play. I hope the mullen seeds are being scattered everywhere and we will have many mullen leaves to pick for tea in years to come!


Biking and drawing go hand in hand here, and happen on a daily basis. The children enjoy collaborating with one another on their giant, outdoor murals. Often, some children will be biking by as others are drawing in the same area. This provides great opportunity for social awareness and cooperation.


Of course the new found puddles and autumn leaves have been adding seasonal excitement to our outdoor play time.


I have been reciting poems about autumn each day when we go outside, to help bring awareness to the beauty and seasonal changes happening all around. Here is one of them:

When the leaves heard the winds loud call *woosh woosh*

Down they fluttered one and all *flutter fingers down, or hold leaves and flutter them*

Over the meadow they danced and flew *dance, sway and twirl*

Singing the sweet little songs they knew *a good time to begin singing an autumn song*


It’s all about having fun in our natural, healthy environment. Allowing every child to blossom!