We have been learning about mixing colours at Bonnington Blossoms.  Our wonderful practicum student Angela came up with some fabulous activities to engage the children while they explored blending the primary colours.

The first project involved paint and hands, but it wasn’t messy at all!  Angela put two primary colours in ziplock bags and reinforced the ziplock seal with clear packing tape. The children watched her do this with great anticipation.

Once there were enough bags of paint for each child to have one, they got started.

Angela brought the wooden stacking rainbow out, so that the children would have a better idea about how colours fit together. We also gave the children Q-tips to draw on their bags with. The Q-tips pushed the paint out of the way to create lines and shapes. some children tried rolling their bags of paint into “sushi rolls.”

We brought out rolling pins and cookie cutters for the children to try while playing with the squishy bags of paint.

This activity was a sensory delight and everyone enjoyed it for a long time. We decided to do it again on another day, so that children who were away the first time would have a chance to experience the joy of mixing colours with paint in a bag. We also used the paint for making artwork afterwards.


The second activity was a delight for the eyes. Angela brought in ice cubes that she had coloured with food colouring. The ice cubes were yellow, red and blue.

Everyone was excited to see what would happen when the ice cubes were dropped into clear glass jars full of water.

Watching the colourful ice melting in the clear water reminded the children of jellyfish with long tentacles.

Angela mixed the ice cubes to make orange, green and finally purple.

Soon a rainbow appeared in our window!

We used the colourful water to make artwork. The children used droppers to drip the colourful water onto paper towels.

We have been drawing on the rainbow art, and creating all sorts of interesting images.


Outside the snow has melted and it is SPRING! We have been having fun with water outside again, now that the weather has warmed up.

Kyle, our Assistant Educator, built a very engaging water table that channels water into our play-pond. It has been extremely popular with all of the children.

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful team of adults helping to create fun learning experiences for the children at Bonnington Blossoms!