What we feed to children is very important, and learning to create and connect with their food is an empowering skill that we can teach them during their early years. A few years ago I wrote a children’s story called Suzie’s Sourdough Circus. I wrote it with the hopes of helping more families connect with their food, and each other, through the traditional art of sourdough baking. The book is a fun story about a girl named Suzie and her sourdough starter, which really comes to life! It also has four sourdough recipes in the back, for children to try with their parents.

My youngest daughter is almost 2 years old and today she helped me bake. I was so pleased to watch her enjoying the dough as much as I do. She was kneading and rolling it on the table. She also loved plopping the little buns onto the pan. She has been watching me bake bread her whole life, and I can tell that she feels very grown up now, being able to form her own sourdough buns.IMG_20160806_214259

One of the things I am looking forward to most about having a child care centre is baking with the children. Every child I have baked sourdough with delights in the magical way it rises up all on its own. I tell them about the little friends who live inside the sourdough starter and blow bubbles when they eat the flour that we feed them. When the sourdough starter eats the flour, it doesn’t just make the bread bubbly and delicious. It actually makes the bread healthier for us and easier to digest!

I am a lover of sourdough, as I believe it is the most tasty and nourishing choice when it comes to bread. I also really enjoy being connected with my food, so baking it myself is a must. I have had my sourdough starter since 2007. The starter was given to me by my dear friend Sara, on Cortes Island. It had been passed down to her by her father, and to him by his friend’s grandmother. It is over 100 years old! I have passed it along to many friends over the years and I have even mailed it to the US and other parts of Canada through my online sourdough share.

The health benefits of sourdough bread are vast. To learn more, check out this 2 part interview I did with Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist Nadine Ijaz, all about the nutritional benefits of sourdough!

Nutritional Benefits of Sourdough Part 1

Nutritional Benefits of Sourdough Part 2

If you are interested in some of my sourdough starter, just ask and I will happily share it with you.