Summer went by so fast and I want to share more of our good times and craft projects before we move on to autumn.

Our newest staff member, Tanya, had a great idea for making sun catchers.

The materials we used were non-toxic white glue, food colouring, toothpicks and yogurt container lids.  Simply poor some glue into a lid, put a few drops of food colouring in and give your child a toothpick to create beautiful designs.

Even one-year-olds were enjoying this activity, with adequate supervision.

This activity is great for developing fine motor skills.

The children seemed to find it very satisfying to see the beautiful, intricate designs appear before their eyes. They kept asking to make more.

After the design is created, the lid must be left somewhere safe to dry. It can take several days to dry completely. Once dry, you can peel the sun catcher out of the lid, make a hole in it and hang it in a sunny window.


We have been enjoying so much good music this summer. Our most frequently listened to artists are; Raffi, Mr. Mojo, Kathy Reid-Naiman and Jerry Garcia. The children love to dance together and we have taught them some circle dances too.

When doing a circle dance, all the children feel a sense of belonging and develop their cooperation skills.

We have also been enjoying some live music. Some of the children made drums out of sand box buckets, so that they could join in.

Making music together is a powerfully connective experience. The rhythm of drumming and following along with other musicians helps a person to develop many skills, such as listening and coordination. I love to see people of all ages making music together!


Our garden is almost ready to go to bed for the year, and the children have been helping me harvest the last goodies.

Such as carrots,

and tomatoes.


It’s hard to say goodbye to summer, but autumn is looking pretty good so far. Below is a preview of an autumn art piece made by the children at Bonnington Blossoms.  More to come!