Another valentine’s day and another excuse to make chocolate with the children!

We used the same amazing raw chocolate recipe as last year. If you want the recipe, check out last year’s Valentine’s Day blog post.

Recently we discovered how much excitement popping popcorn brings to our group of young scientists. When we popped popcorn with the children we asked them what they liked to put on their popcorn and what they think might taste good on it. They had a lot of interesting ideas and we decided to try making chocolate popcorn.


I purchased multi-coloured heirloom popcorn and everyone was intrigued by the different colours of the popcorn kernels. We got to work right away, popping and screaming with excitement!


We mixed up the chocolate.


Then added melted coconut oil and pink salt (pink for Valentine’s Day) to our popcorn.


and slowly drizzled the chocolate onto the popcorn.  mmmm mmmmm good!


Each child helped put some chocolate popcorn into a bag to take home for their family to share. We also made cards from marble paintings that the children created.