Last night I made little, red gift bags out of construction paper and weighed out all the ingredients we would need for making the most delicious raw, organic chocolates I have ever tasted.

After exchanging the Valentine’s cards and bookmarks that the children made for one another over the weekend, (I am so grateful to be part of such a loving and thoughtful community), the children got to work stamping hearts on their gift bags.


Next was time for the most exciting part of the day… MAKING CHOCOLATE!

I got this incredible raw chocolate recipe from our local Herbalist Colleen Emery, of Emery Herbals in Winlaw, (find Emery Herbals on Facebook here.)

The “Raw Chocolates” recipe can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

First I melted the cacao butter


Next I added the raw honey and the children stirred it all up.


Then came the raw cacao powder.


It took a while to mix it all in and everybody had several turns stirring with the mini whisk.


Once the chocolate was nice and smooth we began the pouring process. I was really impressed by how carefully the children poured the chocolate into the heart-shaped moulds. Talk about an engaging activity! I think everyone kept their eyes on the chocolate the entire time, from start until finish.


While the chocolate was setting in the freezer we did a fun wet on wet watercolour painting activity with out new Stockmar watercolour paint. Earlier in the day, I had cut hearts out of watercolour paper for each child. I love how something as simple as cutting out a special shape can make an activity feel so much more meaningful.


Everyone wanted to continue painting after their hearts were completed, so they decorated the paper that was laid out on the table. Spontaneous art projects are the best! One child even used the point on the bottom of their heart to paint with.


Soon enough, the first batch of chocolates were ready to pop out of the moulds! Mmmmmmmmmm, don’t they look good?!


For our second batch we stirred peanut butter into the remaining chocolate mixture.


I think adding peanut butter is a great option, especially for kids. Cacao can be quite a powerful stimulant, and usually kids don’t need all that extra energy. Cutting down the cacao mixture with something yummy like peanut butter makes the chocolates delicious and a bit more mellow.

I have also had great success with adding spirulina powder to these chocolates for my own children to eat. What a great way to slip a little extra nutrients into their special treats. Cacao also includes nutrients like iron, calcium and magnesium. So it really is a health food all on its own.

After lunch, I packaged the heart chocolates by wrapping them in parchment paper and placing them into the gift bags that the children had decorated earlier. The children each chose which colour ribbon they wanted wrapped around their bag.


The final, loving touch was added and VOILA!


Such special gifts for the children to bring home at the end of their Valentine’s Day at Bonnington Blossoms. What a fun and creative time we had.



Raw Chocolates

Ingredients: Cacao powder, Cacao butter, raw honey.

1) Place chopped 100g cacao butter in a glass measuring cup that is set in a pan of water.

2) Bring water to a gentle boil, careful not to get water into the cacao butter. Slowly melt the butter

3) When the butter is melted add 70 ml of liquid natural sweetener such as maple syrup, raw honey or agave syrup and allow to combine.

4)Add 70g of cacao powder mix well. *

5) Once completely mixed pour into chocolate moulds** and put into freezer for 10 minutes to set.

*you also can add other ingredients at this point such as powdered Mushroom extracts, Maca, Cinnamon, Matcha or even Sea Salt. Experiment to make a healing sweet treat!

** Use silicon ice cube trays in different fun designs.

Find Emery Herbals on Facebook here.