This week we were graced with beautiful, warm and sunny weather. It was a perfect time to set up the water wall that I built this summer. All of the children enjoyed filling their buckets in fun and unique ways.


Water play fosters development of the whole child. It includes many opportunities to experiment with math and science. It also enhances social skills, emotional skills and language development.


Water play develops fine and gross motor skills too! IMG_20160916_103343

It is relaxing and exciting all at the same time.


Of course, once the buckets are full, the best place to bring them is to the sand box. Sand play also provides plenty of opportunity for learning and growth. Children of all ages love to create with sand and water.


We are making the most of these last warm days. Although summer is coming to an end, we have still been seeing bees collecting pollen from wildflowers in the yard and grasshoppers have been popping up too. The children and I have been soaking up as much of the late summer sun as possible.

We will continue to play outside during every season and explore our surroundings. I am sad to see summer go, but look forward to jumping in leaves and splashing in puddles this autumn!